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Darren is our top driver

31 July 2015

Openreach engineer Darren Hughes has been named the winner of our Better Driver Competition.

The Better Driver Competition encourages Openreach drivers to adopt behaviours and techniques that help save fuel and reduce their vehicles’ carbon emissions.

The final of the competition took place at Leicestershire’s Prestwold Driving Centre. All 25 of the finalists were tested over the toughest of motorway and urban simulations.

Darren Hughes managed to achieve an amazing total of 81.6 miles per gallon (mpg), but it was a close-run thing as all of the finalists came within two or three mpg of Darren’s winning mileage.

Darren is our top driver

“Darren fully deserves his top place in the event, says Ian Hill, Openreach chief sustainability officer. The competition is about fuel-efficient driving, anticipation, control, smooth braking – all key to cutting carbon emissions.

“Competitors have to test their skills over motorway and urban simulations set up over the course, navigating small roundabouts, chicanes, junctions with traffic lights and so on.

“It’s tough, competitive, interesting and fun, and it certainly gave us a chance to see some impressive economical driving.”

An elated Darren is stunned at taking top place against the original 500 entrants to the competition. “It’s been a fantastic experience and I’ve learnt a lot,” he says.

“And I’ll definitely be spreading the word about the importance of eco driving and our responsibility to society”.