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How we're supporting the Paris Climate Change Agreement

26 April 2016

At a ceremony at the UN Headquarters on 22 April 2016 , 175 Parties (174 countries and the European Union) signed the Paris Climate Change agreement, providing a record number of first-day signatories to an international agreement.

Wind farm

“As a sustainable business leader, it was important for BT to raise our voice in support of progressive climate action during the UN climate negotiations at COP21 in December,” said Niall Dunne, Chief Sustainability Officer at BT, “and on Earth Day and the signing of the Paris Agreement, businesses again convened to show support for action. Together we need to embrace the opportunities that ICT gives us to take climate action quickly and at scale.

“As business leaders we discussed how we can work together and with governments and civil society to make implementing the Paris Agreement more practical. Discussions included how to limit investment risks for climate action and the UN Global Compact’s desire to see ambition across the whole of industry, particularly on carbon pricing.

“For me, the conversations get most exciting when they get real, and nothing brings this closer than when we’re sharing opportunities that communications technology can make possible. People are realising more and more how ICT can help everyone cut their carbon emissions – BT’s report highlights how communications technology can help reduce UK carbon emissions by 24 per cent annually by 2030.

“But it’s not just about cutting carbon – the connected world is introducing ways of living and working that are disrupting how we do things while saving us money and with less impact on the environment, and this is really exciting. Using smart thinking such as the Internet of Things (IoT) we can transform how we do things whether it be in commerce, transport, agriculture, health or education, and in ways – better, faster and together – that won’t cost the earth.

“There was a real positive energy in the air in New York, and I’m looking forward to working with colleagues, customers and partners to take action towards a cleaner, more resilient world.”

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