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We clear tonnes of rubbish illegally tipped near a BT radio station

3 February 2017 

The rubbish was dumped in a field adjoining our radio station at Turners Hill in the West Midlands. A local councillor reported the incident after the event, but no one saw who did it.

Helen Anscombe, Director of BT Facilities says: “Our contractors needed ten heavy duty trucks to clear around 50 tonnes of rubbish. It appears to have come from house clearances, because there was a lot of plasterboard and other building debris.

Fly tipping

“We decided to help the local community by clearing the land at our own expense. The cost was around £15,000. First we had to establish who the landowner was so that we could get permission to go into the field. Then we had experts check there was no asbestos in the rubbish. So it was quite a long process.”

New locks have since been fitted. But such fly-tipping can only be stopped if everyone is vigilant, says Helen.

“It’s essential we all keep an eye out for this type of activity,” she says. “And report anything suspicious so there’s firm information which can be followed up to reduce such criminal acts in the future.”

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