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Sam wins our Green Driver crown

1 August 2016

Our most efficient drivers from Openreach have been battling out in our 2016 Green Driver competition finals.

The competition encourages Openreach drivers to adopt behaviours and techniques that help save fuel and reduce their vehicles’ carbon emissions.

They were then put through their paces in a series of efficiency driving stages, with the most efficient drivers progressing to the finals.

The finals were extremely competitive as the drivers had to tackle a number of challenging driving courses and Sam Gale, a mobile team engineer from East London was crowned our overall 2016 Green Driver winner.

Sam wins our Green Driver crown

Commenting on his win Sam said:

“I’m delighted to win this fantastic competition. I would encourage anyone to think about driving in a more efficient way. This will not only save you fuel and money, but you can also do your bit for the environment.”

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