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Our new online tool helps business customers save carbon emissions

13 May 2016 

We’ve launched an online carbon calculator to help business customers contribute to the UK’s ambitious targets to cut carbon emissions.

Our easy-to-use tooldemonstrates how businesses can reduce their CO₂ emissions by using our carbon-friendly network, products and services.

Savings include teleconferencing to reduce business travel, virtualising data centres to reduce power consumption, enabling a mobile workforce to reduce daily commutes and overall IT streamlining.

Online Tool

Graham Seabrook, Director of consulting and sustainability in BT Advise says “In 2013, we announced our goal to help customers reduce CO₂ by at least three times the end-to-end carbon impact of our business by 2020.

“Our carbon calculator makes this real by showing customers the carbon and cost benefits of embracing our products and services.”

The online tool’s indication of potential carbon and cost savings is based on the estimates used to develop our own business model.

“The information the tool provides should give customers the confidence to explore the potential of individual products and services,” adds Graham.

“They have the reassurance that we can provide the support to help implement these services.

"And they’ll know that, whatever they choose, they’ll be supporting the global goals for carbon reduction.”

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