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Renewable energy – how we're powering on towards our global green energy target

4 November 2016

Climate change is one of the greatest global challenges of our time.

However, our determination to cut our carbon footprint is helping to make a difference.

In fact, we met our 2020 ambition to shrink our worldwide carbon emission intensity by 80 per cent from 1996/97 levels four years early in 2015/16.

We also have an ambition to help our customers reduce their carbon emissions by at least three times our own end-to-end carbon impact by 2020.

Man and wind farm

In line with this, we’ve announced aims to purchase 100 per cent renewable energy across the globe by 2020 where markets allow.

This follows from our 2012 commitment to buy 100 per cent renewable electricity in the UK and becoming a founding member of the RE100 renewables group.

And thanks to a combination of tenacity, innovation and an appetite for forging ground-breaking green energy deals, the 100 per cent target is close to being realised.

You can find out more in our new case study.

See how we are reducing our carbon impact.
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