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We've been recognized as a world leader for supplier engagement on climate change

24 January 2017

We’ve been identified as a global leader for our actions and strategies to manage carbon and climate change across our supply chain and have been awarded a position on the supplier engagement leader board by CDP, the international not-for-profit that drives sustainable economies.

Twenty-nine leading companies appear on the supplier engagement leader board, compiled for the first time by CDP.

Over 3,300 companies were assessed by CDP on their supply chain engagement strategies, and we’re among the 1% of corporations to be awarded a position on the supplier engagement leader board, in recognition of our actions to reduce emissions and lower climate-related risks in the supply chain in the past reporting year.


The supplier engagement leader board is released today in the Harnessing the power of purchasing for a sustainable future report, produced by CDP in partnership with BSR and the Carbon Trust. The report reveals that the world’s largest purchasing organizations are using their buying clout to drive down emissions across their supply chains, with 434 million tonnes of CO2 reductions – equivalent to more than France’s annual GHG emissions – reported by suppliers worldwide in 2016. Only 22% of responding companies currently engaging with their own suppliers on carbon emissions. In light of this we are proud to be highlighted as a supplier engagement leader by CDP, and would encourage more companies to take action on climate change in their supply chain.

Dexter Galvin, Head of Supply Chain, CDP said: “We congratulate the 29 leading companies that are using their buying clout to drive change across their supply chains. Companies have a critical role to play in delivering on the Paris Agreement, and as well as setting their own house in order, it is essential they turn their attention to the risks and opportunities outsourced to their supply chain.

“By harnessing their purchasing power, big buyers have the potential to deliver the large-scale, rapid change that is needed and lead the way towards our sustainable future.”

The supplier engagement leader board is available on CDP’s website.

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