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Internet safety campaign urges use of parental controls  

24 June 2015

A new campaign has been launched by Internet Matters to promote the use of parental controls online.

Internet Matters, the online child safety group, has launched a new campaign encouraging the use of parental controls with a series of videos showing children being exposed to violence, sex and cyber-bullying.

The Protect their Curiosity campaign wants to highlight how easy it is for an innocent search of the web to quickly turn more sinister.

The videos all follow a similar theme and have been designed to be hard-hitting for parents. According to research from Internet Matters, 53% of parents don’t use parental controls, while 58% don’t have any password settings in place on their devices.

Boy on laptop

Internet Matters general manager Carolyn Bunting said: “The videos might be uncomfortable viewing but we wanted to show the reality of how a child’s innocent curiosity can turn into a distressing experience in just one click.

“Kids want to use the web in safety. They don’t want to be scared of what they might click on. A big step towards this lies with parents switching on every parental control available.”

One of the videos being used for the campaign shows a young girl accidentally becoming part of a sexting message thread when an image she shares with a friend is passed on by others.

Internet Matters is backed by the four largest broadband providers in the UK – including BT and has a series of tutorials and guides on its website designed to show parents how to avoid their children stumbling across inappropriate content.

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