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New tech guides aim to help keep children safe online 

24 April 2015 

If you’re buying a gadget for your child or family home, don’t shop until you’ve read a new tech guide for parents.

It’s been launched by Internet Matters – the not-for-profit organisation founded by BT, TalkTalk, Virgin Media and Sky in May 2014. Its aim is to help parents learn about, talk about and deal with the issues and technologies that children may encounter online.

Howard Jones, BT’s safer internet campaign lead, said: “Parents want to keep up with the fast pace of technology. Many are unaware that more and more devices allow connectivity to the internet without restriction and the potential risks this could pose to children.

“The simple and informative guide, created in partnership with Pocket-lint, will help safety-conscious parents to make informed choices when buying new technology.”

Internet Safety guides

The guide covers games consoles; tablets and laptops; mobile and smartphones; smart TVs and other types of internet-enabled gadgets.

It tells parents what they need to look out for when purchasing devices for their children, focusing on their key online features – plus tools and controls to keep them safe when they’re on the net.

“There are also independent reviews of many of the devices available,” said Howard. “These look at their suitability for children of different ages. They also cover the pros and cons in terms of parental controls and online safety features.”

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