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13 March 2017 

An extension of our 2017 BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition (BTYSTE), our eighth bootcamp gave students the skills to bring their creative ideas through to practical business propositions.

We invited 30 from the BTYSTE who showed particular business ambition. They took part in four days of workshops at University College Dublin to learn key business techniques, including how to communicate their ideas with impact.

The best team award went to the group that performed consistently through the week and clearly articulated their project to a judging panel of senior academics and business people.

BTYSTE winners

The winning team’s project was an application called MiContact. It helps children on the autistic spectrum increase eye contact.

Jack O’Connor from Desmond College, Limerick, was named the best individual student. He showed in-depth understanding of the process of taking an idea on paper through to project commercialisation. He also showed leadership and the ability to work successfully with a team.

Shay Walsh, Managing Director of BT Ireland says: “We’ve watched the transformation of a talented group of people from creative young students into aspiring entrepreneurs.

“As judges and mentors, we’ve been inspired by their growing confidence and ability and feel a sense of pride as a company to be able to support the next generation of business leaders, academics and professionals.”

Watch our video about what participants gained from the event.

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