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Our new ‘Delivering our Purpose’ report shows how we’re putting sustainability at the heart of the business 

19 May 2016 

We’ve launched our latest ‘Delivering our Purpose’ report outlining progress and showing how the company uses the power of communications to make a better world.

Sustainable and responsible business behaviour is at the heart of this ambition. The report outlines how we’re focused on delivering positive change across a number of local and global challenges, including climate change, social disadvantage and online safety.

Delivering our purpose report

The ‘Delivering our Purpose’ report also shows progress towards our 2020 ambitions in key areas.

  • To help 5 million children receive better teaching in computing and tech skills; and in the first year, we’ve already reached 344,000 children
  • To use skills and technology to help generate more than £1bn for good causes; We have already helped raise over £327m in support of charities and communities since 2012/13
  • To inspire two-thirds (66%) of our people to volunteer their time and skills; 27% of our people volunteered in 2015/16
  • To help 10m people overcome social disadvantage through our products and services; in the first year of this target we helped 2.6m through our UK and global programmes
  • To help customers reduce carbon emissions by at least three times the end-to-end carbon impact of our business; in 2015/16 the carbon abatement potential of our customers is now 1.6 times greater than our carbon impact, with these products contributing £3.6bn in revenue – up by £200m year-on-year.

The report also highlights how our work contributes to the UN Global Goals such as:

  • ­ Good health and well-being (Global Goal 3); We’ve helped improve access to healthcare for around 100,000 people in Africa
  • ­ Quality education (Global Goal 4); We’re working to improve the tech literacy of UK children 
  •  Affordable and clean energy (Global Goal 7); We’re committed to purchasing 100% renewable electricity worldwide by 2020
  • ­ Industry, innovation and infrastructure (Global Goal 9); over 25m UK premises can now get access to fibre broadband
  • ­ Climate action (Global Goal 13); We’ve enabled customers to save 7.6m tonnes of carbon

We recognise the impact that purposeful business behaviour can have on our business objective: to deliver sustainable profitable revenue growth. Over the past five years we’ve invested more than £153m to bring our purpose to life, an average of 1.18% each year of our adjusted profit before tax over that period.

On the release of the report BT’s Chief Executive, Gavin Patterson, said “Our products and services – and the people who deliver them – make a huge contribution to society, the environment and the economy. With EE now part of the family, our combined strength will create unprecedented new opportunities for us to use the power of communications to make a better world.”

Niall Dunne, BT’s Chief Sustainability Officer, said: “With purpose at the heart of BT we’re continuing to make a positive impact on the world, and helping to tackle a diverse range of global challenges. This report shows that we’re on track to meet our 2020 goals, and that we’re contributing to solving some of the bigger challenges we as a society will face over the coming years, from climate change to access to an inclusive approach to connectivity and growth.”

The report is published online at www.bt.com/deliveringourpurpose.
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