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Our presence in Wales. It's more than cables, wires and phone lines 

6 July 2017

Our ambition is to use the power of communications to build a better Wales. We are immensely proud of our record of delivering upon this ambition, as we are of the £774 million impact we’ve made to the Welsh economy over the last year alone.


We realise that figures on a page can only tell part of our great story. We’ve been working incredibly hard to bring access to superfast broadband to thousands of homes and businesses across the country. The opportunities this connectivity brings to families, businesses and the economy - in terms of how we work, live, learn and play - is incredible.

We’ve made a short video below, which shows, not only how proud we are of our presence across Wales, but also the very tangible positive impacts we are having throughout the country in terms of improving connectivity, creating jobs, working in our communities and supporting our language.

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