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Wonky phone box set to become a lifesaver

28 June 2017

The kiosk, known as the wonky box of Bettws, in South Wales, will be transformed into a community information point and mini lending library, as well as housing defibrillator equipment that can help save the lives of heart attack victims.

Villagers have spent months campaigning and fundraising to transform the phone box, and now they’ve been boosted by the £3,000 grant from the Wales lottery, Loteri Cymru.

Wonky phone box set to become a lifesaver

The Community Heartbeat Trust charity has adopted the kiosk on behalf of the group. It’s now advising on the installation of the defibrillator equipment and training villagers to use it.

Rod Goodwin, BT Payphones Operations Manager says: “Over the years many people have said their local phone box was a lifeline. Now that most people have a phone at home, or a mobile, that may no longer be true. But a kiosk fitted with defibrillator equipment is a genuine asset to a community and could be a real lifesaver.”

Campaigner Carol Davies Foster says lots of work needs to be done on the phone box to remove decades of paint, repair the door and make it watertight. But the villagers hope to have it in operation by the autumn.

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