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3 April 2017

Rika Nauck, who runs the work experience programme at Adastral Park, was voted Most Supportive Supervisor/Manager in the awards presented by Connect Education and Business.

It works with 5,000 employers and 800 schools and colleges to arrange career planning and work-related educational opportunities.

Rika says: “It was only last year that I saw the need to co-ordinate work experience at Adastral Park. It’s a very special site, offering insights which can only be gained here and weren’t accessible to all work experience students in previous years.

Rika Nauack with work experience students

“Now I hold dedicated welcome presentation and introduction tours across the park. I aim to give all the students the opportunity to see fantastic technology displays like the customer centre showcases, hands-on engineering at 4-Acre site and the network operations centre.”

Over the past year, 35 of our volunteers have hosted 110 work experience students at Adastral Park, mostly from Suffolk schools, but also from Essex, London and Germany.

Rika adds: “Work experience can make a life-changing difference to these young people. Receiving this award makes me incredibly proud to work in a place where those efforts are very much supported.”

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