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Our people donate over 1,000 books to Syrian refugees 

1 July 2016

The donation was made in support of The Schoolbox Project to two schools in Greece where there is a shortage of educational books available in Arabic.

The books were collected for two schools in Piraeus, Greece where there is a shortage of educational books in Arabic.

Children with books

BT Muslim Network members from across the business sourced books from charities, mosques and Islamic bookshops.

The majority of the books were donated by Muslim Aid.

Imran Patel, chair of BT’s Muslim Network said: “It was such a good cause, given everything that’s going on around the world. Our network came together and galvanised behind it.

“Within a week of putting out the call, we managed to collect more than 1,000 books. It surpassed even our greatest expectations.”

BT Group Chief Customer Officer Lisa Harrington went on holiday to Greece with her family and was able to deliver some of the books in person.

The rest were delivered by courier.

Lisa said: “I was humbled to see how excited the children were by the books. They picked them up carefully, opening them, smiling and laughing. It was a wonderful gift to give them. It made me feel proud to work for BT.”

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