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Our employee Ashish is bringing life-changing ICT skills to the Himalayas 

24 August 2017 

Ashish Dabral is bringing life-changing ICT skills to young people in remote Himalayan villages.

He’s opened a training centre at a school in Uttarakhand state in northern India for students from 31 villages.

He was born and brought up in the Himalayan village of Timli and overcame his daily struggle for survival with limited resources to graduate and find employment with us.

Now Ashish is keen to give something back to the community by helping to pass on the skills that will help today’s children achieve a better life.

Ashish Dabral and young people

He was named our volunteer of the year in 2016 for his work in travelling 434 miles every weekend to teach ICT to children. 

He’s used his prize money to help them learn skills around robotics and artificial intelligence, as well as mindfulness.

Ashish says: “It started with a small computer centre and then a primary education centre where 30 children receive quality education. We’ve already trained more than 180 students in ICT skills, without any fee, and some are now teaching other students in remote government schools.

“We also have a partnership with a UK-based school. We now organise regular Skype conferencing between these schools, helping students in both countries share knowledge, cultural values and best practices.

“I was delighted when three of our students were selected to participate in the World Robot Olympiad, a competition that engages teams in scientific challenges to develop their creativity, design and problem-solving skills.”

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