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Our star fundraiser Nigel is helping to change lives in Burkina Faso

17 March 2017

Together with a team from his local church in Folkestone, he’s returned from his second trip to the Kodeni School Project he’s been involved in since 2014.

The project team is funding and building classrooms for up to 300 children in Burkina Faso. Nigel helped build the first classroom for 50 children in phase one, after helping to raise £40,000.

Two years on and more than £80,000 raised – he returned to start work on the final three classrooms.

It’s a very physical challenge, as machinery is too expensive. And, because of the intense heat, work starts around 5am – or when there’s enough light.

“We use shovels, pickaxes, wheelbarrows, trowels and string to get a straight line,” says Nigel.

Our star fundraiser Nigel is helping to change lives in Burkina Faso

On his first visit, local children visited the building site to scavenge for plastic bottles left lying around.

“This time, there was none of that,” says Nigel. “They were all in the school being educated. It was a great change to see. They now have such pride – especially in their school uniforms. It’s probably only one of two outfits they own, but they keep it immaculate.”

Nigel’s ongoing commitment has earned his charity a £1,000 award from us.

The money will help towards a combined school hall and community centre for the village and solar power.

“I’m very grateful for BT’s support,” says Nigel. “Money raised through MyDonate means all the contributions go to the charity.

“It’s what makes me most proud of our company – that and the fact I was given volunteering time to help.”

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