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Awards ceremony recognises our employees who make a difference in their local communities 

2 March 2016

BT Chairman Sir Mike Rake has presented awards to BT employees who make an outstanding contribution to their local communities at an event in London.

This year’s overall winner is Keith Tulsie.

BT Chairman Sir Mike Rake presents award to Keith Tulsie

In 1997, his son Jordan was born with a heart defect. Following treatment, he made a full recovery.

Since then, Keith’s thrown himself into helping disadvantaged youngsters. A volunteer for global charity Georgia’s Children of the World, he’s helped raise £100,000 to relieve poverty, sickness and distress. And advance the education of people in England, Cambodia and Romania.

Keith said “It’s going to make a massive difference to the projects we support which will have a positive knock-on effect to the lives of so many children.”

Sir Mike said at the awards: “I’m a staunch believer in the power of our people and our technology to benefit society.

“By committing their time, their energy, their ideas and creativity it’s not only the charities and communities that our people support who are positively impacted, there are also huge benefits for the individuals themselves – and for BT.”

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