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Happy ending for phone box library 

11 August 2015

Check out this library in a phone box. We helped open it. And we gave local residents a happy ending.


But it’s a story with an unusual twist. We’ve provided a disused kiosk that now sits alongside the town’s working box. It’s in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

The story began when one resident put up shelves and books in the working box. The idea was that passers-by would borrow the books and return them – and add new books to the collection.

But someone complained. We removed the shelves and books on health and safety grounds.

General manager Gareth McWilliams came up with the perfect solution after he met with members of the town council. A second, disused, phone box.

The library kiosk has no phone, just books housed on safe and secure shelves. And it’s open for business. The council will maintain it.

Happy ending

Katherine Bradley, head of payphone operations, says we worked hard from the beginning to deliver a happy ending.

“This is a great outcome for all,” she says. “We’re delighted that a well-used public telephone service is still accessible to the community as well as being able assist with a solution for the mini library.”

Leader of the council Keiron Mallon says it’s the best of both worlds. “This is a positive outcome when all seemed lost,” he adds.