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Jo Brand is taking one Hell of a Walk  

19 January 2016

Comedienne Jo Brand will be ‘doing herself proud’ this Sport Relief by taking on the BT Sport Relief Challenge: Jo Brand’s Hell of a Walk, a brutal ordeal which will see the 58-year-old attempt to walk an incredible 150 miles in just seven days. The route will see her travel the entire breadth of the country, east to west from Hull to Liverpool. The challenge is sponsored by BT, a long-term supporter of Comic Relief challenges since 2009.

The toughest challenge of Jo’s life will see her swap the relative comfort of the stage to endure day after day of tortuous trekking. She faces a relentless schedule, walking from dawn until dark climbing up to 1,530ft as she crosses the Pennines, which also brings high chances of snow and ice.

Jo Brand

Starting in Hull on Friday 22 January and hopefully finishing in Liverpool on Thursday 28 January, Jo is likely to face swollen and sore feet, blisters and missing toenails. Tackling 50,000 steps and burning around 6,000 calories each day, Jo’s whole body will be aching and the pain of having to repeat this every day will test her to the limit as she exhausts every last ounce of energy to reach Liverpool.

Starting out her career as a psychiatric nurse, Jo has spent many years since her rise to fame raising awareness about mental health issues - so it is fitting that during her journey she will highlight the work that Sport Relief does around mental health and issues that impact women and girls. Jo will be joined by famous friends, family and people helped by funded Sport Relief projects along the route to help spur her on.

Jo said: “When I first started training for this challenge, I didn’t realise I was not the national fitness icon I’d always believed myself to be. My body is a temple …it’s big and it doesn’t move! The realisation is gradually dawning that I have to walk a very, very, very long way and that is a gruesome thought - along with many days back-to- back with only my poor little fat legs to carry me. But the hope is that the walk will raise as much needed funds for people suffering from mental health problems, like depression, which will keep me going. And, if it doesn’t, I will give Greg (my trainer) full permission to push me off the top of a massive hill. See you at the bottom, folks!”

Jo needs your support to keep her going as she embarks on One Hell of a Walk. Sponsor Jo at www.sportrelief.com/sponsorjo

Inspired by Jo’s challenge? Then take on your own challenge by signing up to the Sport Relief Games go to www.sportrelief.com to find out how

The money raised from Jo’s challenge will be spent to help transform the lives of some of some of the most disadvantaged people both at home in the UK and across the world’s poorest communities.

BT will again be supporting Sport Relief through the BT Speaking Clock and Chat for Change Day. Between 18 January and 20 March 2016, for every call made from a BT fixed line in the UK to the BT Speaking Clock, BT will donate 10p to Sport Relief.

On Tuesday, 26 January 2016, BT will also hold Chat for Change Day, where 1p from every call made from a BT fixed line in the UK will be donated to Sport Relief.

All the ups and downs of Jo’s challenge will be captured for a BBC documentary, to be broadcast in the run up to Sport Relief Weekend, which is taking place from Friday 18 to Sunday 20 March.