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Millionth milestone for BT MyDonate 

29 April 2015

MyDonate charity box

We’re delighted to announce that BT MyDonate – our free online fundraising service for UK charities and fundraisers – has recorded its one millionth donation.

To mark the occasion, the MyDonate team told their Facebook followers that the lucky charity receiving the millionth donation would also win a sum of £250, donated by BT MyDonate.

The platform hit this major milestone when a donation was made to Ceri Pickles’ fundraising page in aid of the Mexican Disabled Children’s Trust (MeDict), a small charitable trust dedicated to transforming the lives of poor disabled children in Mexico.

We’ve shared the good news with Ceri and her fundraising team – who are currently cycling 480km from Bordeaux, northern France to Agde on the south coast to raise money for this cause.

Alice Hunt, head of BT MyDonate, said: “I’m delighted that BT MyDonate has celebrated its millionth donation. The platform has provided a free fundraising service since 2011, supporting thousands of charities.

“We don’t charge commission, which means the charity gets the whole contribution, including Gift Aid. In fact, donating or fundraising via MyDonate means that the charity will get up to 63p more for every £10 donated when compared with other online fundraising services.

“MyDonate provides an online donation platform for any UK charity supporting absolutely everything from scout groups and animal welfare to health and research. Running is still the most popular fundraising choice.

BT MyDonate has processed over £54.2m donations to charities. More than 7,500 charities are using MyDonate, and last year, MyDonate processed 393,000 donations worth over £21.5m. Around 57,500 fundraising pages have been added since the launch.