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New BT Supported sensory room for disabled young people opened

22 May 2017

We’ve partnered with the Lord’s Taverners and officially opened a multi-sensory room for young people with physical and learning disabilities at Lampard Community School in Barnstaple this week, helping provide them with the chance to dramatically enhance their quality of life. Lampard Community School is now the 29th school to benefit from our partnership with the Lord’s Taverners since we first joined forces in 2010.

Lampard Community School is a maintained special school for students aged 5-16 with complex needs relating to autistic spectrum conditions and/or speech, language and communication needs. Many of the pupils have multiple diagnoses including emotional and physical disabilities and a high number of students have been identified as having sensory processing difficulties.

sensory room

Multi-sensory rooms feature a relaxing and stimulating variety of lights, sounds and textures, which help children with physical and learning disabilities to engage in a learning environment that suits their educational needs. The rooms can result in dramatic benefits to children with sensory impairment, helping enhance development of senses such as hearing, sight, smell and touch.

Our partnership with the Lord’s Taverners, which began in 2010, will see multi-sensory equipment installed in 30 schools in the UK. We’ve pledged to maintain the specially-adapted classrooms until 2020, and the lives of more than 18,000 young people with severe disabilities and communication difficulties across the country will be improved thanks to the partnership.

On the opening of Lampard Community School’s new multi-sensory room, Claire Cowen-Brown, Head of Care & Safeguarding, said:“This new sensory room is an amazing addition to our school. Our students will be able to use it for a wide variety of reasons such as relaxation, creativity, and fine and gross motor skill improvements. We're very grateful to the Lord's Taverners, BT and Experia for helping make the installation of this sensory room possible."

Paul Coles, BT’s Regional Partnership Director for the South West, who lives in North Devon, said: “The opening of this new multi-sensory room in Barnstaple is another step forward in a highly successful national partnership between BT and the Lord’s Taverners, which is helping young people with disabilities across the country. Sensory rooms such as this are helping to transform lives and provide a lasting benefit to the people who use them.”

Paul Robin, Chief Executive of the Lord’s Taverners, added: “The Lord’s Taverners is dedicated to giving young people a sporting chance so we are delighted to work with BT to try and reach our goal of helping over 18,000 young people with disabilities across the UK by 2020. This new sensory room will benefit the teachers, carers and families of Lampard Community School’s students and enhance the learning experience and future development of its pupils.”

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