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Our volunteers help feed Hong Kong's poor 

11 July 2017 

So far 33 people have devoted 66 hours to help provide 8,349 meals for people in need through the charity Feeding Hong Kong.

Our Global Services Business Management Graduate Trainee’s Carrie Li and Xiang Cheow are leading the initiative.

Carrie: “One in five people in Hong Kong lives below the hunger line. We’re organising regular warehouse sessions so we can use our volunteering hours to help out.

“In each of the food bank warehouse sessions our teams sorted, logged and stacked food donations based on type, discarding spoiled or past date food items.”

Hong Kong

Feeding Hong Kong is part of an Asia, Middle East and Africa graduate initiative.

“There are food-related volunteering initiatives in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, South Africa and India,” says Xiang.

The project has been such a success the Hong Kong office has put a new structure in place to organise volunteering programmes.

Annabella Yau, Global Services Managing Director, North East Asia says: “I’m really proud of our volunteers for their time and efforts in sorting food donations at the Feeding Hong Kong food bank. Giving back has always been deeply engraved in our company culture.

“This year we’ve formed the Hong Kong corporate social responsibility committee to plan and organise volunteering initiatives. We’re hoping to encourage all colleagues to spend their three volunteer days to give back to our local communities.”

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