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Boxing clever to save UK’s barn owls 

4 February 2016

Breeding barn owls are under threat in the UK. But two BT wildlife lovers have come up with a plan.

BT employees Peter Justice and Mike Myers formed a team with like-minded BT people. It’s called the Twit to Woos. Its vision is to make and put up 300 nesting boxes for owls and kestrels on BT property. That’s three boxes for each UK county.

Nesting boxes are now in place in Suffolk and Norfolk ahead of the breeding season this spring. Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire are next. And prisoners at HMPS Wayland in Norfolk have expressed an interest in making some of the boxes.

Barn owl

Peter says: “As there are now less than 4,000 pairs of breeding barn owls left in the UK, we feel our contribution, along with the various owl charities already out there, will help reduce the rapid decline in these iconic birds.

“We’re also helping to create better hunting habitat for owls and kestrels by letting surrounding grassland grow a little longer. And, where possible, provide wildflower meadows attracting honey bees and butterflies.”

Now the wait is on to see if the owls inhabit their new homes.

Peter says: “We then hope to set up a live webcam. This could potentially bring millions of hits to our website and provide potential educational opportunities for local schools and communities."