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We’ve been awarded Gold Standard for our Payroll giving scheme  

23 June 2016

For the 12th consecutive year we’ve been awarded the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) Gold Payroll Giving Quality Mark Award.

Working with CAF and Payroll Giving in Action, our scheme is one of the UK’s largest and most successful. In 2015/16, some £2.5 million was donated directly by our UK people this way. We also run similar schemes in the USA, Spain, and Ireland.

Payroll giving

Nicholas Mazzei, BT Senior Propositions Manager, said: “Payroll giving is the easiest and most tax efficient way for our people to donate to the causes they care about. The money goes directly to the charity and avoids costly overheads such as card transaction fees. Charities rely on the steady income from monthly giving, so it’s a great way to ensure each month that money goes to great causes”.

Through the Payroll giving scheme, our people can donate to a charity of their choice such as a nationally recognised organisation or more local causes like hospices, animal welfare schemes, or overseas aid projects.

“We cover all of the costs of the scheme, so all of our people’s donations go to the charity. We also boost donations with a one million pound matching fund,” confirms Nicholas. “This year it means our people’s donations will be enhanced by around 33 per cent, making a total of around £3.5 million donated. This is above the millions of pounds also donated through our MyDonate platform and 1000s of hours of volunteering time by our people.” As scheme administrator, CAF runs the website, collects the funds, and distributes our people’s donations to chosen charities. Nicholas adds: “Currently, over twelve thousand BT people make donations through their payroll. That’s nearly 14 per cent of our eligible workforce.”

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