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Phone boxes at the heart of lifesaving 

24 June 2015

We’re installing more lifesaving equipment in phone boxes.

Life saving phone box

The plan is to match suitable sites for an emergency heart defibrillator with under-used phone boxes across West Cumbria. These are boxes that might otherwise be closed.

More than 2,800 kiosks have already been adopted across the UK under our Adopt a Kiosk scheme.

“In West Cumbria, we’re working with the Community Heartbeat Trust (CHT), the North West Ambulance Service and local councils on this project,” says Rod Goodwin, our payphones operations manager.

“CHT has already adopted 130 kiosks around the UK, at a nominal cost of £1 each, with 87 defibrillators installed and another 43 pending.

“But these have generally been one-offs. The initiative in West Cumbria is the first time we’ve taken a more strategic approach to the whole thing rather than dealing with it on a case by case basis.”

Rod adds that we’re currently consulting with local authorities in Cumbria on the possibility of installing defibrillators in 300 kiosks on behalf of CHT. “We’ve had 65 agreed adoptions so far,” he says.

Martin Fagan, national secretary for CHT, is equally enthusiastic about the Adopt a Kiosk scheme. “It ensures the kiosks are held in trust for the community and serve a really useful purpose for the future,” he says.