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Students set to benefit from new IT equipment

07 June 2017

We’ve provided computing equipment to the Maharishi Institute - a registered non-profit organisation that provides access to affordable high quality tertiary education for marginalised young South Africans. This equipment will play an important role in enabling students to engage with the connected world, and thereby assist in empowering them to achieve new possibilities for their futures.

Kevin Hardy, Managing Director, BT in Africa said “We’re glad to support the Maharishi Institute. Their programmes are well designed to help students break free of any misperceived limitations and aspire to more for their futures. We hope that the Institute will continue its great work in helping South Africa’s youth achieve their new possible.”

Students set to benefit from new IT equipment

Dr. Taddy Blecher, co-founder and CEO of the Maharishi Institute, says: “Our mission at the Maharishi Institute is to create a safe and enabling environment for bright young minds, who, despite their historically disadvantaged backgrounds, have the right attitudes towards learning and understand the role that education can play in their own and community upliftment. As many of our courses are done via distance learning and are web-based, having the right IT infrastructure and computing equipment is vital to the success of our educational programmes. We are very appreciative of BT’s support.”

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