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We’re supporting #GiveOrGift 

23 November 2016

Are you doing Secret Santa at your workplace this year?

If you’re underwhelmed by the prospect of another novelty gift from one of your colleagues, why not ask them to donate to charity instead?

BT MyDonate has partnered with UK Money Bloggers to offer you this alternative. Instead of your Secret Santa guessing what to buy for you when they pick your name out of the hat, you can make it easier by asking for a donation to charity instead using #GiveOrGift.

We’re supporting

If you want to run #GiveOrGift at your work or with friends and family, download the Secret Santa Pack from UK Money Bloggers. Here you can list everyone taking part, and if you’d prefer a charity donation you can tick next to your name so your Secret Santa knows.

If you pick someone out of the hat who wants to donate to charity, head to BT.com/GiveOrGift and simply donate to the present fund. You can even print out a giving certificate so you have something to hand over on the day everyone exchanges presents.

We’re supporting six charities this year, with the money raised split evenly between them:

  • Shelter
  • Children in Need
  • Stand Up To Cancer
  • The Trussell Trust
  • Citizens Advice
  • DEC

Remember, with BT MyDonate doesn’t take a cut of your donation or charge charities a fee to be listed, meaning more of your money goes where you want it to go.

You can still ask for other people for a donation instead of a present – just sent them to BT.com/GiveOrGift. You could even donate directly yourself – perhaps instead of sending Christmas cards this year.