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Record year for charity shop challenge in Ireland

30 November 2017 

Around 250 of our volunteers took over 25 shops operated by the Irish Cancer Society and Marie Curie for a day – raising funds to provide care and support for people living with cancer.

They contributed almost 4,000 volunteering hours and raised £198,000 for the two charities.

Record year for charity shop challenge in Ireland

It’s the sixth year we’ve taken part, and this year represents a record for our partnership with the charities in terms of volunteer numbers, hours and money raised.

Mark Hopkins, Director of Business Sales, BT Ireland said: “The funds raised could not have been possible without all our employees’ hard work and dedication over the past few months. The incredible support we received from the public on the day and from our own customers with donations made this a record year for BT Shop for Change.”

Irish Cancer Society’s Paul Hughes says: “Through their Trojan effort, BT employees are ensuring no one has to face cancer alone.”

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