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We’re supporting new initiative to put sensory rooms in football grounds 

18 October 2016 

BT and the Premier League have teamed up with The Shippey Campaign and disability sports charity the Lord’s Taverners, to install sensory rooms across the twenty Premier League clubs.

Part of the Premier League and BT Disability Programme launched earlier this month, the new spaces will allow adults and children with sensory difficulties to watch live football matches in a comfortable and calming environment.

sensory rooms in football grounds

“We’re delighted to be working with the Lord’s Taverners and the Shippey Campaign to build comfortable spaces so fans with sensory difficulties can enjoy live sport,” said Suzy Christopher, Community & Charity Director, BT, “The Premier League and BT disability programme is about making sport more inclusive, and providing sensory rooms in football grounds is a practical way to make a real difference.”

The first sensory room at a football club was opened at Sunderland AFC last season in conjunction with Kate and Peter Shippey who were inspired to work with the club so their children and other sports fans on the autism spectrum could enjoy live football at the clubs they support.

“We’re delighted that our work with Sunderland AFC has proved so successful and BT and the Premier League are generously funding and encouraging other football clubs to make practical steps to make sport more inclusive,” said Kate and Peter Shippey, founders of the Shippey Foundation.

Bill Bush, Executive Director, Premier League said: “This partnership will allow clubs to build on the excellent work they are already doing and enable even more fans to enjoy a live matchday experience. The sensory room at Sunderland AFC is a great example of how a matchday experience can be created for fans with sensory difficulties and this partnership will enable more of our clubs to install these areas.”

Premier League clubs are eligible to apply for funding at any time throughout the 2016/17 season.

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