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Our good Samaritans save dazed driver 

2 September 2015

Two quick-thinking colleagues pulled a dazed motorist to safety when he wandered into the path of motorway traffic after a crash.

Radio and rigging manager Neil Jackson and his colleague Holly Bretts realised Tom Houghton was in danger of being struck by oncoming rush-hour vehicles.

They were travelling towards Windy Hill radio station when they saw that Tom’s BMW car had collided with a lorry on the M60 near Manchester and crashed into a temporary steel barrier in a section of road works. The driver’s door was wide open.

Neil Jackson

Neil is a part-time Premier League academy coach and is highly trained in first aid. He says: “I slowed down and saw a man in the middle of lane one, staggering around shocked and confused and with cuts and bruises.

“Holly and I ran into the road and grabbed him and got him safely into my car. It was a bit scary in the face of 50mph traffic. Then we rang the emergency services.”

The lorry’s fuel tank had been pierced and it was leaking diesel over the road. Five fire engines arrived to deal with the spillage. Holly rang Tom’s wife and his work to explain what had happened.

Neil adds: “After he was discharged from hospital Tom phoned us to thank us. The firefighters said if he’d had been a smaller car he would probably be dead. They said we did a good job."