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What are SINs?

SINs are Suppliers' Information Notes, published by BT to meet its regulatory obligations relating to the publication of Customer Interface information. They are used to publish technical descriptions of BT's Customer Interfaces and services, and also to announce the launch, withdrawal or modification of interfaces and services.

What are STINs?

A Suppliers’ Trial Information Note (STIN) describes the trial of a potential BT service, including a technical description of the Customer Interface(s). The publication of a STIN does not commit BT to a commercial launch of the service, nor does it commit BT to the particular implementation described in the STIN. Should BT decide to commence a full service, the STIN will be replaced by a SIN.

What is a SPIN?

SPINs are Service Provider Industry Notifications. BT would like to ensure that service providers and other interested parties are given advance notification about new products, so that they may take advantage of them. SPINs are available for download from this site.

Why are the SINs in PDF?

There are two reasons that we have chosen PDF. First, we require a format which will deal with the complex diagrams and tables which appear in SINs and allow them to be delivered intact. Text files would not support diagrams, word processing formats such as Word6 would suffer from issue compatibility problems and browser settings can often alter the presentation of HTML documents. PDF gives us control over quality of the product and the reader for it is available free of charge.

Second, the audience to which SINs are directed is chiefly made up of manufacturers and suppliers of telecommunications equipment. The BT licence places an obligation on the company to make the information available to such organisations. Most of these will already have the ability to view PDF files as ETSI has established its use for some time in the publication of telecoms standards.

SINs, and SPINs are security protected and cannot be edited.

If you have any questions or comments please use the feedback form or email us at sinet.helpdesk@bt.com.

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