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Advanced Data Services Helpdesk

(Now known as Data Connect Helpdesk)

For technical and commercial customer support for products within the Intranet Connect Portfolio (formerly advanced data services).

British Approvals Board for Telecommunications (BABT)

e-mail: customer.services@babt.com

BABT is an independent company within the TÜV SÜD Group. It certifies products and services in the fields of radio and telecommunications. For further details please see the website.

01932 251200

BT Broadband (Retail)

Technical and general enquiries about BT Retail's Broadband services.

0800 111 4567

BT Broadband (Wholesale)

Technical and general enquiries about BT Wholesale's Broadband services. It should be noted that BT provides a CPE test laboratory. See below for further details.

0800 028 3663

BT Broadband CPE Test Lab

BT has set up a test laboratory at its Adastral Park centre near Ipswich, to allow CPE manufacturers and Service Providers to test their equipment on a live network model in order to prove its compliance to the G.922.1 modem-to-network interface standard. Please note that this is a chargeable facility.

BT Convergent Solutions Helpdesk

Further details on BT Convergent Solutions can be found at www.convergentsolutions.bt.com.

0800 169 4848

BT Customer Services Information about the prices and availability of BT products and services is available on the following telephone numbers.

  • for Personal customers, 0800 800 150
  • for Business customers, 0800 800 152 or contact the BT Account Manager for your company.
  • for BT Payphones, 0800 115 511

BT DataStream Symmetric and BT IPStream Symmetric availability

Further details on the BT Wholesale Broadband Symmetric Products including service availability, product descriptions and enabled exchanges can be found on the BT Wholesale Broadband web site http://www.btwholesale.com/broadband

BT Electronic Price List

Searchable BT price list.

BTnet Services

0808 100 2266

BTnet Website BTnet Services are BT's range of dedicated Internet access and IP network services.

We supply some of the UK's largest corporations, government organisations, Internet Service Providers and telecommunications carriers with IP services to suit their requirements. For further information on any of the BTnet Services, please call our sales support team.

BT Network Requirements (BTNRs)


Please note that the BTNR Helpdesk is now closed. The BT SINet Helpdesk will instead accept enquiries regarding BTNRs.

However, some BTNRs are readily available online. The following three BTNRs:

BTNR 188 “Digital Private Signalling System No 1 (DPNSS 1)”
BTNR 189 “Interworking Between DPNSS1 and Other Signalling Systems”
BTNR 189I “Interworking Between DPNSS1 and ISDN Signalling Systems”

are published as NICC (Network Interoperability Consultative Committee) Documents ND1301, ND 1302 and ND 1303 respectively. These are available from the NICC website at http://www.nicc.org.uk/  

The following BTNRs have not been published as NICC documents, but they have been made available here because they are referenced in SINs, STINs and SPINs:

BTNR 2511 "Interface of Telecommunications Equipment with a Nominal 48 V Negative d.c. Power Supply" BTNR 181 Vol 1 & Vol 2 "Signalling System AC15" BTNR 185 "Signalling System MF4 via Private Circuits" BTNR 190 Vol 1 & Vol 2 "Digital Access Signalling System No 2 (DASS 2) PBX Interface"

No other BTNRs are available outside BT, except when supplied to selected companies as part of an invitation to tender for BT contracts. Please see the Selling2BT entry on this page for information on the BT procurement process.

BT Openzone

email: openzone.support@bt.com

BT Openzone is BT’s wireless LAN hotspot service.

0800 022 3322


Difficulties can sometimes be experienced when attempting to fully integrate any communications products, BT offers an independent, impartial, technical consultancy service that can be utilised to help with customer's integration problems. This service is part of the BT portfolio and is known as NiS (Network Insight Services). Consult 21 - 21st Century Network Consult 21 - website Recently BT set out its timetable for the implementation of its 21st century network vision – a programme designed to develop a truly customer-focussed network that will allow communications in a range of formats across an IP-based network. More information can be found by visiting the Consult 21website.

0800 679 565

Compliance of Terminal Equipment and the RTTE Directive

http://www.ofcom.org.uk/radiocomms/ifi/tech/RTEE/?a=87101 .

These sites include the RTTE Directive in the UK and the replacement of the type approval regime for telecommunication terminals by one based on declarations of conformity.

Data Connect Helpdesk

(Formerly Advanced Data Services Helpdesk)

e-mail advanced.data.services@bt.com  For technical and commercial customer support for products within the Intranet Connect Portfolio (formerly advanced data services). Cellstream (including Cellstream connectionless) Channel Extension Service (CES) Flexible Bandwidth Services Framestream High Bandwidth Service 1 (HBS1) DWDM LAN extension services enquiries. SHDS (LES1,2,3 10,100,155,622,1000 & FIS 1-4) Switched Multi Megabit Services

0800 672 438

FeatureNet Embark Service

pp 02P16
Prospect West
85 Station Road

For information on the FeatureNet Embark service please contact the FeatureNet Embark Product Line.

0800 876 355 Option 1.

Independant Service Providers

BT Wholesale Services and Solutions website. If you are a start-up company in the Independent Service Provider arena please contact "BT Wholesale Direct" or visit the site for BT Wholesale Services and Solutions.

0800 671 045

ISDN Helpdesk

For technical or general information about the BT ISDN service.

0800 800 154

ITEC (ISDN Terminal equipment Compatibility Laboratory)*see note

pp B81/G63 Callisto House (B81-MH)
Adastral Park
Martlesham Heath

*Please note: ITEC Laboratory is not a terminal equipment approval facility nor is it a test facility to determine terminal equipment compliance with the relevant international standards. ITEC Laboratory is a facility to demonstrate interoperability with the BT network and hence the activities concentrate on the DSS1 layer 2 and 3 protocols and BT's implementation of basic and Digital Select Services. The ITEC Laboratory is available to evaluate the compatibility of terminal equipment with the BT network prior to launch and also for the evaluation of service affecting problems. The BT ISDN 30e interface is provided to the international standards specified in SINs. In particular, it should be noted that in operation, the full valid range as specified in the international standards of the electrical and protocol characteristics of the BT ISDN 30e interface will be encountered. The ITEC facility does not provide testing over the full valid range of electrical and protocol characteristics specified in the standard. For information on BT's ISDN see SIN 261

01473 645336

Openreach EOI Wholesale Extension Services

For information on Openreach Equivalence of Input Wholesale Extension Services and Wholesale End To End Ethernet Services.

Private Circuits

General & Pricing Enquiries 0800 800 152 (or contact your BT Account Manager)

Technical Enquiries 0800 0857822 For information on Private Circuit issues

Routine Testing of the Local Network

Technical enquiries regarding the information on the routine testing of the local network published in SIN 351.

01908 293155


A key communication channel for both existing and potential suppliers to the BT Group. On this site you will not only find information relating to our purchasing principles and processes but also on new areas such as Auctions and BT's eProcurement system

21st Century Network - Consult 21

BT has set out its timetable for the implementation of its 21st century network vision – a programme designed to develop a truly customer-focussed network that will allow communications in a range of formats across an IP-based network.