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Annual General Meeting - 2002

AGM resolutions

The specific business transacted at our 2002 AGM can be found in the Notice of Meeting.  All 16 resolutions proposed at the AGM were initially passed on a show of hands.  An overwhelming majority of those present voted in favour of each resolution, and over three billion proxy votes were also cast in favour. 


A poll was demanded by a shareholder on Resolution 2 "That the Remuneration policy contained in the report on directors' remuneration for the year ended 31 March 2002 be received". 

The result of the poll - shown below - was announced to the Stock Exchange on 18 July:


Votes FOR the resolution:

3,415,721,606  (96.82%)

Votes AGAINST the resolution: 

112,009,169  (3.18%)

Accordingly, Resolution 2 was carried. 

Proxy analysis

Fuller details of voting on all resolutions can be found here.