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Here you'll find press releases and presentations for key company announcements such as the acquisition of EE, sport rights auctions, and pension agreements.

Our teach-ins cover topics such as cost transformation, regulation and the network.

SRI investors can find presentations from our webinars and roadshows.


Watch the webcast, and download the press release, slides, KPIs, and transcript. Latest consensus is also available.

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Key company announcements

Key company announcements such as BT Pension Scheme agreements, the EE acquisition and BT Sport rights auctions.

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Our regular
'teach-in' events

In depth teach-in events on topics such as Cost transformation, Pension, Regulation, Network and Technology.

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Presentations from

Presentations from around BT, with updates on products and strategy.

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SRI events

Presentations for Socially Responsible investors, including our Purposeful Business programme.

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Capital Market Days

Slides and videos from our capital markets days.

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Other media


Videos from around BT.

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