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You will need to have Adobe Acrobat software to access the following forms:


  • Change of name -  to change your name on your share certificate(s) please send a copy of the relevant marriage certificate or change of name deed, together with your share certificate(s), to to our registrars, Equiniti for re-registration.

  • Lost shares and replacements - Please contact the Shareholder Helpline who can issue a replacement share certificate. There will, however, be an administration fee to pay to our registrars, Equiniti for this service, and there will also be an indemnity charge for replacing share certificates representing at least 880 shares. The amount of the indemnity varies, and is based on the market value of the shares at the time of replacement.

  • Out of date dividend cheques -  please return the original cheque to our registrars, Equiniti, with a covering letter, asking them to re-issue the cheque.

  • Old share certificates - BT share certificates ceased to be valid in November 2001 at the time of the demerger of O2 (now part of Telefonica). BT Group share certificates were issued to replace the old BT certificates and these were sent to shareholders in December 2001. Please contact the Shareholder Helpline if you require further assistance.

  • Duplicate certificates - please contact the Shareholder Helpline, and a new voucher can be arranged.

  • Death of shareholder - Please contact the Shareholder Helpline for specific advice.

Completed forms should be returned to:

Equiniti (2450)
Aspect House, Spencer Road
Lancing, West Sussex, BN99 6DA