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The Way We Work 

Gavin Patterson - Chief Executive

A statement from the Chief Executive

We believe in the power of communication to make a better world.

We bring together the best networks and technology with the expertise of our people. Making connections, creating new possibilities. This way business can grow, communities can flourish, and individuals can get more out of life. That’s the difference we make, every day.

We do this responsibly and sustainably. We act with integrity, work ethically and live by our values. Our business standards and our people policies are grounded in these principles.

Acting with integrity and working ethically make good business sense. It also helps us to work together across the world. Ethics is not just about preventing criminal or corrupt behaviour, although that is vitally important. Behaving ethically should be part of everything that we do.

Our reputation strengthens each time we stick to our business principles. This might mean that we have to reject potential new business if it looks as though it would force us to compromise our principles. A tough call but one that BT people should make if it’s appropriate.

If you are not sure what the right thing to do would be in any given situation – just ask. Have the courage to speak up if you are concerned that any activities conflict with our way of working. Act quickly if you are worried.

This document sets out The Way We Work at BT. Your personal actions make a difference. Together, we make BT a place where we’re proud to work.

After all, it’s our BT.

Gavin Patterson