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The BT Way – our ethics code guides how we do things in BT. It helps us to make the right decisions – whether we work for, with, or on behalf of BT.

Gavin PattersonActing with integrity has never been more important for a global business like ours. We need to do things the right way, every time, without fail – because customer trust is at the core of a successful and sustainable business.

We strengthen BT’s reputation every time we stick to our ethics code. This means we sometimes face tough decisions. We might have to reject new business if it compromises our principles or turn down a gift if it’s too generous. 

Some of our ethics code is about following the rules and knowing what to do. But it goes beyond that,   to trusting your instincts and questioning what you don’t understand or what doesn’t seem right.

If you’re not sure what to do, just ask. And if you think  something doesn’t seem right or conflicts  with our way of working, have the courage to speak  up. Our customers, colleagues, investors and  shareholders rely on it and the reputation of our business depends on it.

Gavin Patterson

Gavin Patterson,
Chief executive






Kevin Taylor, President Asia, Middle East, Africa and Turkey
Kevin Taylor,
President Asia, Middle East, Africa and Turkey 

Chet Patel, President Continental Europe
Chet Patel,
President Continental Europe 

Jennifer Artley, President in the Americas
Jennifer Artley,
President in the Americas 

Larry Stone, Chairman, BT India
Larry Stone
Chairman, BT India