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South West

Regional Chair

Samantha Toombs
Regional Director for Enterprise

Samantha ToombsSam joined BT Enterprise in September 2018. Prior to BT, she has always worked for leading global digital transformation/ICT providers such as Fujitsu, Logica, CGI and Atos. Sam has been working in partnership with UK public sector clients for the past 15 years delivering digital transformation to UK public sector clients across Central Government, Local Government, Education and Health. Leading large distributed teams, she proudly helps clients to meet increasing end user/citizen demands against a backdrop of continued budget reductions.

In BT Enterprise, Sam is the Regional Director leading the Local Government and Health business across Wales and the South West. Sam’s personal purpose and passion is laser focussed on using BT and BT partner digital transformation capabilities, services and products to help improve and save the lives of citizens, patients and students across Wales and the South West.

Sam lives in South Wales and graduated from the University of South Wales. Her partner is from the South West, most of her friends and extended family continue to reside in the region that she leads. In her early career she held long term assignments in Germany and Prague. Over the last 10 years she has worked mostly in London and Birmingham. She returned to work in Wales about three years ago and she is proud to be able to continue her digital leadership career within Wales and the South West, the location that is close to her family’s heart.

Sam is the Chair of two BT Regional Boards - BT Wales and BT South West. She is a diversity role model and believes the job of a leader is to develop more leaders and to help others reach their potential. She blends her passion for leadership and diversity by spending her spare time mentoring and coaching women and minorities across a range of charities and initiatives.

Regional Board members

Paul Coles
Regional Director, South West, Group

Nathalie Vafiadis
CTIO Consumer, Consumer

Chris Williams
Director of Service CTIO, Technology

Chris Sims
MD Strategy, Marketing and Digital, Enterprise

Dan Brooks
Regional Director West, Enterprise

Paul Critchard
Security Chief Technology Officer, Security

Shadi Malkawi
(Board Secretary) Regional Sales Manager - Wales & South West, Enterprise