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The Northern Ireland Board

Regional Chair 

Paul MurnaghanPaul Murnaghan
Regional Director, BT Business

Paul Murnaghan was appointed as Regional Director for BT Business NI in 2016. He began employment in the IT industry with BIS Beecom in 1991, moving from there to Parity and on to BIC Systems in 1998. He joined BT through their acquisition of BIC Systems and held the position of Account Director, responsible for BT’s relationship with Central and Local Government before being promoted in 2013 to Head of Central and Local Government NI.

Paul was born in Dublin, moving to Belfast in the 70’s. He graduated from Queen’s University Belfast with an honours degree in Electronic Engineering and from University of Ulster with a Post Graduate certificate in IT and a Diploma in Business Management. Paul is also a Board member of Helm Housing Association and a member of the CBI Public Sector Reform Sub-group.