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Brand new BT Sensory Cabin opened at Thomas Wolsey School

The Lord’s Taverners and BT officially opened a brand-new BT and Experia funded multi-sensory cabin for young people with physical and learning disabilities at Thomas Wolsey School in Ipswich

The new cabin will replace their existing, much smaller, sensory space, dramatically enhancing the quality of life of the young people at the school. The cabin has been built with funding from BT, as well as local businesses coming together, donating time, resources and expertise to the cabin project that will benefit their local community hugely.

Thomas Wolsey School is a special school, located in Ipswich, Suffolk, for children aged 3-16 with physical and/or sensory needs, many of whom also have complex medical and learning needs. They cater for nearly 100 pupils, many of whom have degenerative and life-limiting conditions and some with medical needs that require them to have specialist nursing support at all times.

Multi-sensory rooms feature a relaxing and stimulating variety of lights, sounds and textures, which help children with physical and learning disabilities to engage in a learning environment that suits their educational needs. The rooms can result in dramatic benefits to children with sensory impairment, helping enhance development of senses such as hearing, sight, smell and touch.

Thomas Wolsey School is now the 30th school to benefit from the partnership between the Lord’s Taverners and BT, that has been running since 2010, and will see the lives of more than 18,000 young people with severe disabilities and communication difficulties across the country greatly improved.

Assistant Headteacher, Emily Webster said: “The potential for the cabin, for our children here, is massive. We have children who have very sensory needs, who will be able to benefit from the cabin because it is a very sensory environment that has all sorts of things that will stimulate the senses. The potential is huge for choice-making, for cause and effect, all sorts of things. For us, it’s just a wonderful opportunity.”

Jonathan Legh-Smith, Head of Partnerships and Strategic research for BT said: “Sensory rooms are an incredibly important part of any special education school, they provide an extraordinarily important facility for stimulating those students in order to engage, and hence, learn. They are also an essential refuge for those students who just need some quiet, sensory time to themselves. We are delighted to have sponsored this and really hope that Thomas Wolsey enjoy making use of it, we really think that it will make quite a profound impact and we wish them all the best for the future."