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Improving our digital thinking for young people

Improving our digital thinking for young people
Vital feedback from children on how we can help them learn about the realities of the digital world

An innovation hothouse was held at Adastral Park supported by BT’s Technology, Service & Operations line of business in partnership with 5Rights, a civil society coalition advocating the rights of children online. It involved 12 children from Horringer Middle School in Bury St Edmunds aged eight to 13. They gave their perspectives of life online on the first day, and returned to judge the ideas of the three teams on the final day.

Founder of 5Rights and film director, Baroness Beeban Kidron, was delighted with “the collective creativity and expertise of so many people focused on answering such an important challenge”. And hothouse sponsor Howard Watson said: “Our aim was to come up with ideas that will advance young people’s tech literacy through the things they engage with online. The teams came up with three great concepts, all including brilliant ideas. This was a fantastic event and a vitally important agenda that requires future focus. We’ll be reviewing the learning and insights we gained from 5Rights and the children. It will help to inform our next steps in helping to make the digital world a more transparent and empowering place for children and young people."