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Youngsters mark Safer Internet Day at BT Centre
BT hosted an interactive, youth-led event to mark Safer Internet Day in the UK

 Youngsters mark Safer Internet Day at BT Centre
More than 50 young people attended the UK Safer Internet Centre event, held at BT Centre in London to mark Safer Internet Day. They shared their online experiences with more than 100 key policymakers, including Margot James, the Minister for Digital.

The discussions centred round about how digital technology plays a key role in young people’s lives and how industry, schools, parents, carers and young people themselves can help promote children’s wellbeing online. And attendees learned more about how BT is supporting internet safety in schools through it’s Barefoot Computing programme and its new campaign, Safety Snakes.

BT supported Safer Internet Day alongside hundreds of organisations across the UK uniting to empower children to use technology safely and positively. BT are also supporting online safety organisation Internet Matters as it launches a series of step-by-step control and privacy guides to make it easier for parents to get their child’s device Set Up Safe. BT is one of its key partners.

And EE marked Safer Internet Day by rolling out specialist training – created in partnership with Internet Matters – for thousands of its customer service employees across more than 600 UK retail outlets. It means they’ll be able to provide mobile and online safety expertise to parents. That will include the best advice on safety options and filters as well as directing them to resources to help deal with subjects like cyberbullying.

Marc Allera, Chief Executive, BT Consumer said: “We hope Safer Internet Day will inspire parents and carers to have open and honest conversations about online safety and highlight the ongoing work to make the internet a better and safer place for children."