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EE tops mobile performance tests
EE's network has come out top for voice and data performance in tests comparing UK mobile operators

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The P3 Communications study of mobile network operator performance assessed EE, Vodafone, Three and O2. EE was the only one to achieve a grade of “very good”. The consulting company used 4G devices in a mix of drive and walk tests in cities and towns and on roads across the UK. These included downloading a 3MB file and accessing a YouTube video from a moving car. The report also drew on a crowdsourced assessment of network performance by UK consumers. The tests addressed areas covering more than 17 million people, or about 27 per cent of the UK population.

Hakan Ekmen, Chief Executive of P3, says: “High-quality connectivity is essential to the UK’s future quality of life and competitiveness.” P3 gave each operator a score out of 1,000. It awarded EE 871 points, Vodafone 818, Three 754 and O2 667. Marc Allera, Chief Executive officer, BT Consumer said: “Another independent network test and another win for EE thanks to our commitment to investing in more coverage and a better customer experience. Our results on voice performance are particularly important. We launched 4G calling to give our customers the best quality phone calls, and that technology is now really proving its value.”

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Emergency Services Network meets milestone

EE has achieved its biggest milestone yet in the rollout of the UK-wide emergency services network (ESN) EE tops mobile performance tests. More than 250 new mobile sites have now been built. And since EE won the ESN contract in December 2015, their 4G geographic network coverage has grown from 54 per cent to more than 85 per cent of the country. This gives many rural and remote areas access to 4G for the first time.

EE brand features in the BrandZ rankings

The BrandZ survey of the UK’s Top 50 Most Valuable Brands puts EE in 31st position, with a brand value of $2.3bn. The overall BT business is ranked fourth in the list, with a brand value of $14.2bn. and BT are the only non-financial company to have more than one brand in the UK rankings.