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BT backs cyberbullying campaign
We're backing a nationwide action plan led by the Duke of Cambridge to tackle cyberbullying

Duke of Cambridge
BT, EE and Plusnet are all members of a taskforce set up last year by the Duke’s Royal Foundation to create a safer and more supportive life online for young people. The Duke unveiled the action plan and launched Stop, Speak, Support, the first national, youth-led online code of conduct. The campaign aims to empower 11-16 year-olds across Britain to stop cyberbullying, speak out and seek support.

Gavin Patterson, Chief Executive, BT said: “It’s really important that children who are bullied online know what simple steps they can take to help them cope and how to ask for support. “As a father myself, I’m delighted that the Royal Taskforce has developed this timely campaign to help children and their parents and that we’ve been able to share in the efforts to publicise this vital advice.”

The taskforce on the prevention of cyberbullying has brought together companies in media and technology, as well as children’s charities and parents, to work alongside a panel of young people to find ways to tackle cyberbullying. Taskforce chair Brent Hoberman said it’s the first time the industry has come together to address the important issue of cyberbullying. He said: “This action plan is the first step in positioning the UK as a global leader in this area and we’re looking forward to the industry building on this vital work.”

About Stop, Speak, Support:

The UK is the first country to launch a national, youth-led code of conduct for the internet. After more than 18 months’ work, the taskforce has created an action plan to kick-start a new approach to support young people using social media and gaming platforms. For the first time, the world’s biggest social media firms are adapting their platforms to provide direct access to support action against bullying. Facebook and Snapchat, for example, have worked with the NSPCC to create new functions that will be trialled among 1,000 young people. A major new commitment to design safety guidelines has been agreed by the social media and gaming firms in the taskforce, as well as creating a new compliance process, to commit all platforms to keeping children and young people safe. Taskforce members are building a universal strategy for information, ensuring all online resources for support and help are high-quality, reliable and have common themes. Find out more at www.stopspeaksupport.com