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BT is at the heart of Scotland, delivering innovative and exciting communications for all. Scotland and its people have long pioneered communications innovation. Necessity being the mother of invention, the vagaries of our terrain, weather and remoteness have played their part in the development of networks, products and services!

Our networks, products and services are changing the way we live – at home, at work, in health, education, government and the community.

Our customers can communicate anywhere, any time, using whatever device they choose.

Levels of choice and control at home, at work or out and about have never been greater, whether you’re watching BTTV and Sport or checking your e-mail in the centre of Glasgow.

We’re a leader in corporate responsibility, using technology to benefit the environment and fight digital exclusion through links with education, charities and businesses. 

We champion diversity in the workplace to help ensure we have a workforce that represents society, including a leadership development programme for women.

We see information and communication technology as the key to unlocking our potential as a nation, improving prosperity and quality of life for all.

BT in Scotland continues to invest in high-speed innovation, networks and services nationwide to shape a better, brighter future for generations to come.

On these pages we outline some of the main aspects of our work.

 The Economic Impact of BT Group plc in Scotland

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Jane Wood, Head of UK Regions & Nations

Jane Wood, BT Group UK Nations and Regions Director