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Events in telecommunications history


The world's first phone books produced by a fully integrated computer printing process were completed for the Post Office in January.

The International Subscriber Trunk Dialling service was extended to allow London subscribers to dial New York numbers - the world's first major Inter-Continental subscriber dialling service. The cost was 10s per minute.

The 100th electronic telephone exchange (TXE2) was opened at Bawtry near Doncaster, Yorks.

The first TXK1 electromechanical crossbar exchange (Plessey 5005 system) in London was opened at Upminster, Essex on 3 December. This replaced London Telecommunications Region's last manual exchange.

The first modern common control PABX was opened for the National Omnibus Company.

Tape Callmaker, a repertory dialler device, was brought into service.

The first public demonstration of a waveguide digital transmission system was held.

The first of the modern four-wire gateway international exchanges in Britain was opened at Wood Street in London using Plessey 5005 crossbar equipment. The rapid growth in international traffic necessitated other centres being opened, resulting in the opening of Mondial House in London.

Telephone No. 746 was introduced, a modern instrument using coloured plastics together with lightweight components and incorporating a balanced armature receiver.

A Business News Summary telephone information service was introduced.

The TAT 5 transatlantic telephone cable was laid between Green Hill, Rhode Island, USA and St. Hilaire-de-Riez, France. It was retired in 1993 after 23 years of service.

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