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We're the internal technology unit responsible for creating and operating BT's networks, platforms and IT systems.

We manage the critical infrastructure for BT's products, services and internal systems. That means our IT systems, voice, data and TV networks. We also invent, design and develop new services for customers.

"We live and work in a connected world where people want seamless service, great products and the best connectivity there is. Building a truly converged fixed and mobile network is at the heart of that. Our customers care less and less about whether something is mobile or in the home or office – they want their services wherever they are. And, increasingly, the distinction between networks and IT is vanishing too - the technology is all the same, using IP."

Howard Watson

CTIO, Technology


We work with each of our customer-facing units. We create new products for them and make sure services evolve to meet their customers’ changing needs. And we make sure BT’s networks and systems stay reliable, resilient and secure.

There are more than 11,700 people in Technology. Most of them work in the UK, but we also have 3,300 people in 24 other countries. This year we hired more than 220 graduates and apprentices.

In the UK, most of our teams are based at Global Development Centres in Belfast, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, London and Adastral Park in Suffolk; as well as Hatfield, Sheffield, Walsall and Oswestry.

How we’re doing

We use two sets of measures to monitor how our network and platforms are doing.

This year we’ve improved our broadband performance score. That means broadband customers are getting better service despite higher traffic levels.

We’ve also improved our IT and network service availability score, making it easier for customers to do business with us.

We’ve diverted more than 90m unwanted or nuisance calls for the 2.5m customers using BT Call Protect.

Working with EE, we’ve driven the adoption of eSIM (electronic SIM) technology. Instead of being a removable card, eSIM sits on a chip inside a device – which lets smaller gadgets like watches connect to a mobile network. This technology was instrumental in the launch of the Apple Watch Series 3 on EE’s 4G network. The watch lets wearers leave their phone at home and still be connected.

Thanks to our investments, we were able to satisfy peak demand in our core network of 9.75Tbps this year. And at Glastonbury festival we served EE customers with over 54TB of mobile data, twice as much as the year before.

Also by removing old technologies and consolidating IT equipment we are trimming back our operating costs.

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Howard Watson


Appointed in February 2016, Howard was formerly chief architect and managing director global IT systems and led the technical teams behind the launch of BT Sport in 2013.

Howard joined BT in 2011 and has 30 years of telecoms experience having spent time at Telewest (now Virgin Media) and Cartesian, a telecommunications consultancy and software company.

Technology business structure

Howard Watson
Greg McCall
MD service platforms
Andy Skingley
Acting MD dynamic infrastructure
John Beswick
Chief financial officer
Neil McRae
Chief architect: MD architecture & technology strategy
Tim Whitley
MD applied research
Mark Murphy
Director of HR
Fotis Karonis
CTIO Enterprise
Rachel Higham
Nathalie Vafiadis
CTIO Consumer
Hriday Ravindranath
CTIO Global
Chris Fowler
General counsel
Jim Dempsey
BT Technology service director