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Equality of Access Board

The Equality of Access Board (EAB) was established as part of the Undertakings offered by BT to Ofcom in 2005, following Ofcom’s Strategic Review of Telecommunications. Its role was to monitor, report and advise BT on BT’s compliance with the Undertakings.

BT and Ofcom have agreed that the EAB can be stood down following publication of its 2018 Annual Report and its Undertakings monitoring responsibilities transferred to the Openreach Board Audit Risk & Compliance Committee (OBARCC) and the BT Compliance Committee (BTCC).

The OBARCC monitors Openreach’s compliance with the Undertakings whilst these remain in force, as well as the new Commitments and Governance Protocol which BT notified to Ofcom in March 2017. The BTCC similarly monitors BT’s compliance with the Undertakings, Commitments and Governance Protocol.

Both committees welcome input and queries from Communications Providers. Openreach matters should be referred to the Commitments Monitoring Office (which supports the OBARCC in Openreach) and BT matters to the Commitments Assurance Office (which supports the BTCC in BT).

The EAB’s annual reports on BT’s compliance with the Undertakings from 2006 to 2018 are available to view.