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EAB Overview: November 2015

EAB’s October 2015 meeting

The EAB met in October and had presentations from BT and Openreach, as well as the OTA2.


Rod Smith, Chair of the OTA2, updated us on the OTA2’s activities and issues currently of concern to industry. Joe Garner, Openreach CEO, presented on Openreach's current performance and the recent launch of its charter. We discussed Ethernet performance, and Openreach’s management of the Ethernet Differentiated order Journey (DoJ) trial and long-standing Ethernet orders. BT's Director of Group Internal Audit briefed us on relevant audits conducted during 2015.

Two days after the EAB meeting, Isabel Hudson (who will be taking over as EAB chair in February 2016), Dr Tim Whitley (the BT senior manager on the EAB) and Jon Furmston (the Director, EAO) attended the OTA2’s Executive meeting, to hear directly from CPs.

EAB activities

We agreed in September that it would be appropriate for the EAB to respond to Ofcom's Digital Communications Strategic Review (DCSR), given its experience of the operation of the current functional separation model. Our response was submitted to Ofcom on 8 October 2015, and will be published by Ofcom. We did not share our response with BT in advance of submission.

The three independent members of the EAB (Edward Astle, Emin Gurdenli and Stephanie Liston) decided to submit an additional response, providing their views on the governance of the EAB. This will also be published by Ofcom, and was not shared with BT or the other EAB members in advance of submission.

Undertakings delivery report


We noted that Ofcom had agreed to BT's plans for migrating the remaining product tails, including ISDN2. The migrations are due to complete by the end of March 2017, and we will be monitoring BT's progress, including its achievement of interim milestones in March and July 2016.

Ongoing compliance

We reviewed the latest results of our behavioural dashboard and asked the EAO to bring a recommendation to our next meeting for publication of these measures. Openreach provided a report setting out its incentive arrangements. We discussed with BT its management of breaches, Annex 2 (which allows selected BT employees privileged access to information) and Undertakings training.


There was one breach on which the EAB concluded at its October meeting:





Inappropriate access to BT Wholesale Customer Commercial Information (CCI), as a result of a software upgrade


BT corrected the systems error within an hour of being informed of it, and confirmed that information which had been inappropriately received had been securely destroyed. It informed CPs whose information had been inappropriately shared and is conducting further reviews to prevent a re-occurrence.

We reviewed with BT six breach cases for which the remedial actions had been ongoing for more than three months, and were satisfied that the timescales for remedy were appropriate. We noted the importance of the EAB reviewing BT’s proposed timescales for remedy as part of any decision that a breach had occurred.

We also noted that BT and Ofcom had now exchanged letters on the two non-trivial BTEC breaches agreed at our April 2015 meeting, and that BT planned to remedy these breaches by December 2015.

Product Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

BT published KPIs showing the output performance of its regulated wholesale products. The KPI charts for each product portfolio compare service performance for BT’s business units to that for other CPs.


BTEC - BT Enterprise Cloud
CCI - Customer Commercial Information
CPs – Communications Providers
DCSR – Ofcom’s Digital Communications Strategic Review
DoJ - Differentiated order Journey, an initiative from Openreach to improve Ethernet service
EAB –Equality of Access Board
ISDN2 – Integrated Services Digital Network 2, a basic rate ISDN service
KPIs – Key Performance Indicators
OTA2 - Office of the Telecommunications Adjudicator 2