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EAB Overview: July 2015

EAB’s July 2015 meeting

The EAB met in July and had presentations from BT and Openreach, as well as the Federation of Communication Services (FCS).


Chris Pateman and Itret Latif of FCS discussed with us the future direction of the UK communications market, and the potential outcomes from Ofcom's Digital Communications Strategic Review which they considered would be most beneficial. Joe Garner, Openreach CEO, presented on Openreach's strategy and plans for the coming year. We reviewed with BT its governance arrangements for the Undertakings and asked for an update at our next meeting on the actions taken with the small percentage of employees who had not completed their Undertakings training.

EAB activities

We noted the results of a recent offsite strategy day during which we reviewed our current activities and concluded that we were continuing to fulfil our role to monitor, report and advise BT on its compliance with the Undertakings. We decided that we would in future report relevant issues raised by CPs, and investigated by the EAO under its ‘Quick Checks’ process, as informal complaints, to ensure we were reporting all levels of industry concern around the Undertakings. The EAO reported that it had recently made recommendations to BT Wholesale and Openreach to improve communications to industry around the Ethernet Evolution platform testing and results.

Undertakings delivery report

Ongoing compliance

We agreed that we would receive behavioural KPI results on a quarterly basis, rather than half yearly, and that the annual behavioural KPIs would be reported in our next annual report. We requested information on Openreach's incentive arrangements and regular updates from the EAO on its cyclical reviews of all the Undertaking clauses. We reviewed an EAO report on the underlying causes of the two non-trivial breaches we concluded on at our April 2015 meeting, concerning Openreach systems being hosted on the BT Enterprise Cloud (BTEC), and noted that BT would be implementing all the remedial actions proposed in the report.


There were two breaches on which the EAB concluded at its July meeting:





Inappropriate access to a restricted system, in an attempt to resolve a customer complaint


BT is instigating disciplinary procedures against the individuals concerned and has confirmed that the current user access to the system is correct and regularly reviewed

Inappropriate sharing of Openreach Commercial Information (CI) with a former Openreach employee, who had recently moved to BT Global Services


The employee concerned immediately reported the breach and that the information had been deleted without being read. Briefings have been issued and e-mail circulation lists updated

Product Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

BT published Key Performance Indicators showing the output performance of its regulated wholesale products. The KPI charts for each product portfolio compare service performance for BT’s business units to that for other CPs.


BTEC - BT Enterprise Cloud

CPs – Communications Providers

EAB –Equality of Access Board

EAO - Equality of Access Office

FCS - Federation of Communication Services

KPIs – Key Performance Indicators